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MakeWeight for your fights safely and easily with the MakeWeight app - The world's first Online Weight Management App for fighters.FEATURES
-Generate easy to follow Nutrition Plans that are flexible and built around your stats-Track your weight to see your progress-Learn what to eat, how to eat and the fundamentals of sports nutrition on the eLearning-Pick up motivation, tips and tricks from our Blog, Instagram, and Facebook pages within the app
"MakeWeight is so easy to follow as it tells you exactly what to eat to make weight!""Used the app to make weight for my first fight come down from 73kg to 69kg in 3 weeks""Being able to choose what you eat and knowing how much of each ingredient makes it so simple""I use the free weight tracker which is a handy way of watching my weight between fights""Love the social media and eLearning, having learned the basics I can train much harder whilst making weight""Found myself actually eating more than before whilst losing weight!"
Sick and tired of not knowing what to eat, starving yourself in the days leading up to fights/competitions, sitting in saunas and skipping off weight?
Well we certainly are. Having been through near enough every type of weight / water cutting strategy imaginable including fasting, saunas, epsom salts, blood transfusions (this one really sucked), laxatives, diuretics, cutting out carbs, the dreaded sweat suit during training, cutting out salt, removing all body hair and even spitting off the weight we know how tough it can be.
However it doesn’t have to be that way. Believe it or not with the right nutrition fuelling your training you can actually eat more, train harder, perform better and weigh less…
Using your personal stats such as Age, Gender, Height, Current/Target Weight, Sport, Training Frequency etc you can generate a Nutrition Plan which tells you exactly what and how much to eat whilst giving you a range of different options to choose from. After you have planned out what you're going to eat for the week head to the shopping list page so you know exactly what you'll need.
Track your weight for free on the progress page so you can see your progress/weight changes as you go. Choose between different charts from Line, Chart and Table charts.
Here you can learn the fundamentals of sports nutrition which is written without too much complicated sports jargon. Test your knowledge at the end of each article and track your progress as you complete each topic.
On our blog you will be able to access up to date articles on Nutrition, Training, Sports Psychology and Motivation. These will include guest posts, interviews, MakeWeight stories and a range of different content to compliment your training.
Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages within the app to pick motivation to keep on track whilst on your diets.